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Vigilante Fabworks

Phoenix, Arizona

Vigilantefab@cox.net <click


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Vigilante FabWorks

Full service custom Fabrication...

We specialize in FJ60 & FJ62 builds

Bumpers, Sliders, Tire & Can Carriers

Spring Over suspension Conversions

Engine Conversions & Custom Exhaust



Look for "rondog" on ih8mud.com


Front Bumpers

Plate Style Front (base bumper) $650
Tube Style front (base bumper) $450



Tow Points (each) $100
Winch Mount (10" x 4" holes w/ Fairlead plate) $250
Hood Protection Bars $350-$450
Light Mounts 3-4 (bar and tab)


Fog/Lower Light Mounts $100-$200
Front Skid Plate $100-$350
Rear Bumpers

Plate Style Rear (formed box) $455
Tube Style Rear (base bumper) $655


Tow Points/D-Ring mounts (each) $100
Rear Quarter Protection (pair) $300
Swing-out Carriers (Tire, Cans, Ladder, etc.) $250-$375
Hi-Lift Mount $75
License Plate Relocation $100
Receiver Hitch Tube $125
Rocker Protection

Weld-on Rocker Sliders $350
Bolt on Rocker Sliders $585


Step Grip/Tread strip $100
Fill-in Step Plate $225

All tubing is high quality DOM only!  No weak HREW here!

Plate thickness from 3/16" to 3/8" thick!  Very stout!

All products customizable, but price will vary.

High quality and attention to detail standard!

All products can be adapted to other vehicle models (price may vary)

All Prices subject to change depending on requests!









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